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Bridal Bouquet: SOS

“I want to have the PERFECT and most BEAUTIFUL bridal bouquet!!!!! Help!!!!“

Brides to-be, do not panic! This is a lot easier than you think.

Here are some tips from the experts:

First thing first... After carefully searching and selecting your dream wedding gown, we will come in and help you! It’s very important to find the right color scheme and texture of the bridal bouquet to pair it with the color of your gown.

The bridal bouquet should blend beautifully with your dress, they have to be dancing together in perfect harmony.

Please always remember that the bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories, a focal point that should also blend seamlessly with every other detail of the wedding .

The size and shape of the bridal bouquet is equally as important. If you are a petite girl, please don’t go for a huge bouquet... that’s a NO, NO! Always remember that the bridal bouquet must be an essential accessory of your complete look.

There are six basic shapes; round, pageant, cascade, nosegay, pomander and posy.

Choosing the shape of the bouquet depends a lot on your personality. For example, if you are a very romantic gal I will suggest the classic round, probably with peonies... simply fabulous!

If you like less classic, more simple things – inspired by nature – go for the pageant. In this case your bouquet will look like if you were out that morning in the forest picking the most idyllic wild flowers.

Finally, if you are more like the ‘Sex and the City...kind of girl ‘(Carrie is my favorite), I will suggest nosegay, which is less symmetric with a wild unconventional look.... And last, but not least, never forget the golden rule! Your bouquet should be smaller than your waist, to help accentuate your natural shape.

Choosing the flowers is the most amazing part of all the process. I suggest that you enjoy the moment by selecting each bloom.

It’s fun and you will always remember these preparation moments. Never forget that the ideal bridal bouquet should always reflect and match your personality and style.

When you are selecting the flowers please consider always the season in which the wedding will take place, because not all the flowers are available during the year, so you should be careful.

For instance, peonies are only available late spring and early summer (Europe). Work with your florist to find the most suitable and attractive seasonal blooms to incorporate into your bridal bouquet.

Finally, the bridal bouquet is as equally important as the rest of the other painstakingly selected accessories surrounding your perfect wedding ensemble.

If there are specific flowers that you favor, work with your florist to find a way to incorporate them into the bouquet’s design

And the last tip is have FUN FUN FUN!!! This is one of the most special moments of your life. One that you will treasure forever...

All the very best and congratulations in advance.... ADIOS =)

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